About Us

Media Digicast  is one of the very few corporations that provide world-class satellite communication services and solutions across Iraq and Kurdistan Region. We are a broadcasting and telecom system integration, equipment supplier and service with solution provider registered in Iraq, we have started in the middle of 2009 with head office in Sulaymaniyah, and Baghdad city.

In the past years, we have implemented and executed several projects throughout Iraq. Our company intends to reconstruct a new Iraq. We have an experienced team of Iraqi citizens, familiar with Iraqi culture and capable of speaking the main languages (English, Arabic and Kurdish). Expert engineers and technicians in the field of TV and Radio studio system integration, installing and supporting of antennas, towers and TV/FM, telecommunications and Power back systems. Within this short pro-active period since the day of establishment, our company could develop and grow into one of the most outstanding tv and radio broadcasting companies in the region.

Media Digicast as a supplier is capable of providing materials such as towers, satellite antenna systems, Broadcasting equipment and two way communication equipment, we are the reseller of several well-known companies in Europe, USA and Japan.

Our company aims to deliver state of the art experience to users


Our mission is to provide visionary economic development leadership, civic involvement and positive business advocacy in a non-partisan and collaborative manner to continuously improve the region’s economy and high-quality standard of living. We achieve our mission through local, regional and global business retention, expansion and attraction strategies; investment in modern transportation and other infrastructures; and promotion of public-private partnerships and public policy advocacy.


Our vision is a vibrant, innovative and diversified economy in the Kurdistan region and the across Iraq that creates a positive business climate, inspiration for new entrepreneurs, quality jobs and education, plus a modern infrastructure that together position the region as a national and global center of excellence.